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From a simple small business website to a dynamic database driven app with DDOS protection, DNSSEC and 24x7 Monitoring

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Understanding what hosted services you need now and in the future is what we do best. We dont just supply a standard off-the -shelf package or a strict set of hosted services. T321 builds you the right platform for your business.

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A package built specifically for your business needs.
No more paying for hosting services you dont need or use.

UK Based

No overseas call centres or servers on unstable networks on the other side of the globe.
All UK based staff,
servers in UK data centres


Server administrators with a combined real world experience of over 70 years.
Tried and tested server software & networks

Simple settings and pricing

No complex contracts & billing

Our team not only speak "geek", we also speak in plain english too, so you wont get left confused with technical jargon and a bill to pay, we will help you understand what is in your hosting package and why you are paying for it.

To provide a stable cost effective environmentally friendly hosting platfrom for any small business in the United Kingdom,
always using a fair pricing policy and to provide outstanding client support services.

Our strategy is not to be the first but to be the best. Companies that offer the latest and greatest often get burnt with high implementation costs - we don't take a back seat but wait until the market is ready for a solution rather than offering a solution that is unstable or not ready.

T321 will always strive to be a Team of Excellence, providing exceptionally high quality online services,
which allow our clients to achieve the goals required no matter how big or small the project may be.

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About & The hosted services

Hosting costs are based upon an annual fee, and that annual fee covers all costs such as server management, security, environmental control and maintenance. Whatever your hosting requirements, from a simple website for that first Internet presence, through to a fully managed business website with content management systems and bespoke applications, we can tailor a full hosting solution to fit your requirements.

T321 Hosting delivers the very best in a safe and secure online presence with exceptional client service and support to help you grow your online business. Our hosting is built from the ground up using industry standard technologies with the most essential business requirements in mind: PCI compliance for e commerce applications, rock solid reliability and scalability to match your growing business.

Popular Services

UK Small Business Hosting Services

Website Hosting

Static, Dynamic & CMS

“Host your website on a UK based server, no matter what type of website or app you have.

UK Web Hosting
Web Hosting Websites, Apps & more...

eMail Hosting

IMAP & ActiveSync

“Your email available on any device anywhere, with full Mobile Sync and unlimited mailbox sizes*

UK email Hosting
eMain HostingContacts & Shared Calendars

DNS Hosting

DNSSEC as standard

“Simply point your domain name at our name servers and let us do the rest.

UK DNS Hosting
DNS Hosting Anti DDOS & DNSSEC

Online Radio

SHOUTcast & IceCast

“Getting your station online is simple with our custom radio control panel.

Online Radio Hosting
Online Radio No Listener limits & upto 320K*